Incident Reporting

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Manchester University encourages individuals to report any incident in which one of these violations is believed to have occurred.

Individuals are welcome to submit reports anonymously and all reports are investigated. Please know that anonymous reports may impact the university's ability to thoroughly investigate, ask follow-up questions, gather details, etc.
Please be specific about what happened as possible, including information about the people involved. If the reporting party has not consented to having his/her name revealed, do not use any real names or provide any other identifying information in your description. Instead use language like the following: "Jane Doe reported to me that John Doe..." Otherwise feel free to use names.
Please list the name(s) of any individual(s) you believe may have information that is relevant to the investigation. For each name, please write the persons's status (i.e student employee, campus visitor) if known.
Please let us know what action/remedy you are seeking including any immediate or long term assistance you desire.